The AGI Sentinel Initiative

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Artificial General Intelligence Sentinel Initiative (AGISI): dedicated to understanding intelligence in order to build beneficial AI and risk/benefit analysis tools to monitor the social and economic consequences of AI to help improve the well-being of all humanity.

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Our Mission

To make significant advances in Artificial Intelligence research in order to change the world for the better.

Our Goal

Help to better understand intelligence

Understanding intelligence is one of the major scientific challenges of our time; however, the science of intelligence is very much in its infancy. By working closely with scientists and leading thinkers from multi-disciplines, the founders of the AGI Sentinel Initiative (AGISI) believe that we can help humanity to better understand intelligence. If human beings have a better understanding of intelligence, it will not only help to build artificial intelligent machines, but it will also help to improve individuals' situational awareness, decision making, and values, and ultimately greatly improve people's knowledge of each other and our world, and thereby improve the quality of life for society overall.

Some of Our Research Interests

Undertanding human and machine intelligence

Guiding thesis:
The well-being of all humanity will improve as our understanding of what intelligence is develops. Getting clarity on definitions is the first step in that direction.

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Closing the social and economic gaps through beneficial AI and AGI development

Research goal:
Making successful policy recommendations on the social and economic impacts of AI.

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News and Activities

AGISI Research Activities and related topics

Publications, talks, announcements, recommended literature, downloads, and more.

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Research Survey: Defining (machine) Intelligence

Gathering opinions on definitions of intelligence from leading researchers to help create a unified message on AI.

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Written evidence on Artificial Intelligence

AGISI's comments on AI to the Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, UK Parliament.

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The AGI Sentinel Initiative